La Mission (The Mission)

Location:  Atlantida, Uruguay

Founders:  Bart & Katherine Gross (with daughters Gianna & Mia)

WEBSITE:  www.lamissionuruguay.com

Basic Information:  La Mission is an 6-month discipleship program designed to help young people focus on their relationship with Christ while finding the direction from the Holy Spirit for their lives and minstry.  Students from Uruguay and the United States live, study, pray and train together during their time at La Mission to learn how to reach the world with The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bart & Katherine have been working for the last few years to build this ministry in a way that will impact the next generation for Christ in Uruguay and around the world.

Opportunties for Partnership with La Mission:
*Pray for protection, provision and the direction of the Holy Spirit for this ministry.
*Give for the monthly expenses involved with this powerful, anointed ministry effort.
*Visit Bart, Katherine & La Mission to better connect with the vision in Atlantida.